The race has 4 classes: The open class, the  8 – dog class, the short distance class and the junior class.

Open class and 8-dog class Pasvik Trail will be open for all dog mushers.

Open class has no upper limit * but there has to be minimum of 9 dogs at the starting line. At the finish line an open class team have to have a minimum of 6 dogs.

An 8-dog class team will have a limit on 8 dogs or a minimum of 6 at the starting line and a minimum of 5 dogs at the finish line.

The short distance class is open for 1-8 dogs and is approximately 50 km, no checkpoint.

The junior class is a 6 dog class, open for mushers between 15-17 years, 50 km and no checkpoint.

*The board of Pasviktrail can limit the number om dogs in open class because of weather/snowconditions*