Rules and information

Pasvik Trail Junior og Pasvik Trail Short”

The race starts from Nibio Svanhovd in the Pasvik valley and is arranged during the main race Pasvik Trail.

There are two classes for juniors (PT JUNIOR) and adults(PT KORT). The trail is 50 km, and the participants can choose to do the race on skies with 1-2 dogs, or with a sled with 1-8 dogs.

​To participate in the PT Junior class you must have permition from your parents to be able to start the race.

All participants must fill out an decleration.

Mushers meeting 07.30 at Petsjenga(same room at the secretariat) for both classes.

The PT Kort/Junior race starts 09.00.

PT Kort:

50 km, Adults, 1-8 dogs.

PT Junior:

50km, From the year du turn 15 to 17 år. 1-6 hunder.

​Startingfee PT junior and PT kort is 300kr. Banquet not included.

Latest signup date Sunday 22 march.

​NB! All perticipants must have a valid licence to race, onetimelicence fee NOK 50,- for 15-17 years of age, and NOK 200,- for those from 18 years and older.

​This race is arranged for those wanting to start competing with mushing, both juniors and adults. And has a low threshold.

The race will be like any other race with a judge, racemanager and veterinarians available.

Pasvik Trail Junior/kort follows  Norges hundekjørerforbunds (NHF) long distance regulations that can be found  on the NHF`s website under laws and regulations; as well as the special rules for PT.


First aid kit




Extra headlamp

Windbag or sleepingbag

Snack/Food for 1 stop + 0,5kg emergency food per dog.

Food for musher